Things I need to start doing

  • take my make up off as soon as I get home – my usual time to go to bed is 1am so in the days I wear make-up I have it on my face for way longer than I want it to be, while I could have my skincare benefiting my skin. Also having your make up on your face until you go to bed only means that when it comes to take it off you’re too tired and most likely won’t do a thorough job as you should.
  • stop neglecting my neck – I always forget to cleanse it!!! when it comes to moisturiser I often remember, but then I didn’t clean it so I end up using cleansing water – which isn’t as good… I need to start taking good care of my neck, it’s one of the first things to show signs of ageing.
  • start wearing eye-cream everyday – not just when I remember and I also need to start using anti-ageing eye creams.
  • implement the no screen rule – stop using any screen device (tv, laptop, smartphone) one hour before going to bed. I love to sleep, the more time I can spend in my bed the better, but I also like getting up early and get a great start to the day. Therefore the no screen rule to see if I can get more sleep and gradually go to bed early.
  • stop browsing clothing stores websites – I’ve been gradually buying less clothes for the last year and a half. Lately I switched my winter clothes in my wardrobe for the spring/summer ones and realized I have way more clothes than I though I did – and also I have way more summer clothes than winter ones (pros of living for 5 years in a town where summer lasts for 7 months). I have more than enough clothes, but my problem is consumerism, I hate it, but it’s so hard to avoid the temptation. I spent way more time on zara’s website than I’d care to admit, that needs to stop.
  • just get out there and take more photos

Movies of the month


This is a space where I’m going to talk about some movies I saw each month that stood out for me. Some months it may be just one, some it may be a lot, like this one. February was a particularly good month when it came to movies for me.

  • The Revenant – This movie is getting all the buzz for a reason. It’s fantastic, Iñarritu keeps getting better and better. The cinematography is breath taking. The story in itself is quite simple but it keeps you entertained and wondering what is going to happen. Tom Hardys’ performance was outstanding.
  • Sunshine – A great science-fiction that’s underrated or at least not very known, unfortunately. It’s awesome, the cinematography is to die for (I love cinematography, it’s a selling point for me) and the plot is just as good. If you like science fiction you’re gonna love this one.
  • Straight Outta Compton – Before this movie I never had heard of NWA, I knew who Ice Cube and Dr. Dre were, but that’s it. But that didn’t stop me from enjoying the movie. It is an awesome movie, and painfully recent. I recommend this movie to everyone, doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of hip-hop or not. “Damn that shit was dope” it was indeed.
  • Deadpool – I’m not a super hero fan. I don’t like the avengers, x-men is okay, it’s the kind of movie I see it on tv on a sunday afternoon if nothing better is on. Saying that, when the first teasers for this movie came out I knew this was my kind of movie. It’s great, I am now a fan of Deadpool. It’s hilarious, extremely meta, very entertaining and with a great soundtrack. I was a bit scared going to see it at the cinema – movie tickets aren’t cheap – but I am thrilled it was worth it. Go see it if you’re up to a good laugh.

You can follow me on letterboxd to if you want to know what other movies I’ve been watching and my thoughts on it.

Have you seen any of these movies, what do you think of them? What are the best movies you’ve seen this month?

Which foundation to buy?

Currently I’m using Kiko universal fit hydrating foundation and I don’t want to buy another before this one finishes or (most likely) passes the experitation date. But I got my eye on a couple of foundations I’d like to try out. I’m on the hunt for my perfect foundation. I don’t like buying foundations blindly, I like having a product I know it works and keep re-purchasing it.


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A case of peachy lipsticks

IMG_0234 (2).JPG

I was looking through my lipsticks and realised a few things:

  • I obviously have the same colour in 5 or 6 different shades and formulations but that’s not going to stop me from buying more peachy/pink colours.
  • What the hell was I thinking when I bought that pinkish fuchsia colour? It deviates a lot from my colour palete, and I think I just wore it twice.
  • I need to start wearing the first and third lipsticks more often. They suit me better than I thought.
  • Lastly, for someone who wears make up not that often these are way too many lipsticks . No regrets though (expect that awful fuchsia).

If you would like information on any of the lipsticks let me know.


Favourite youtube beauty channels

I started watching beauty “gurus” on youtube before my interest for beauty started, in fact it started from watching all these amazing girls make it look so interesting and fun. Even though that now I don’t follow most of the youtubers I did back then, here are my favourite channels:

  • Claire Marshal – She has an amazing and different channel, her editing skills are famous in the beauty community and her style plus personality make you wish you were as cool as her.
  • Estée Lalonde – Beautiful beautiful Estée. I love her, love her personality, love her vlogging videos, her dog named Reggie, and the way she does her make up is what I strive to do, very beautiful and minimal.
  • Lily Pebbles – Lovely girl, I love how her channel is changing and she keeps doing stuff outside of the “same old beauty vlogger rut”, her style is also very similar to mine, I just love watching everything she does.
  • Samantha Maria – She’s the I follow the longest from this list, I’ve seen her channel grow and change as well as her, and I’m so happy for all the things she achieved in her life. She also does amazing fashion videos and she just got engaged, so go congratulate her and her boyfriend Jason.
  • Tati – The one to follow if you want to an honest review about a product. She reviews a lot of products and I love it. Even though I don’t buy make up often, except for lipsticks (more on that coming up), I love her videos so I know which products are worth spending my money on.
  • Lisa Eldridge – Everyone must know her, but in case you don’t, she’s a an amazing talented make-up artists and somehow in her busy life makes time to do youtube videos to teach us the art of painting our faces. Amazingly down to earth.

Honourable mention goes to Raquel Mendes, a fellow Portuguese blogger I’ve been following for a long time and recently started doing youtube videos.

I follow quite a few more beauty channels than these girls but these are the ones I practically jump when I see her video on my inbox. Anyone else I should be following? Tell me what are your favourite channels so I can find more amazing people!