Recent Youtube finds

Recently I have been getting tired of the same old videos everyone was making and realized I was getting a lot influenced/wanting to buy make-up just because I watched these youtube videos. Not saying it is bad to watch beauty gurus (I know no one calls them that now, but I’m old school), they taught me a lot, but like everything in life it must be done with moderation.

After going through my susbcriptions and unsubscribing from channel I no longer watched or were creating content I wasn’t happy with; I found myself in the need of more channels to watch.

So here are a few channels I found that need way more subscribers than they have:

  • Hannah Witton – I think I found her through Lucy Moon, she does amazing videos, about lifestyle, sex, feminism, and all the things associated with that.
  • Jacqueline Lovene – I don’t quite remember how I found out about her but I’m extremelly glad I did. She is a beauty youtuber with a smaller following that manly does videos about declutering make-up and getting around to use what you have.
  • Kimberly Clark – Is a drag queen that I found through Anna (The Anna Edit) and watched her Anti-Hauls, if you are into make-up and haven’t seen Kimberly Clark’s anti-hauls, you need to. She also speaks up about important matters like consumerism, identity, feminism, and of course the fun make-up video every once in a while.


If you have any recommendations within these categories please let me know.


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