Let’s talk about BBC Sherlock last episode (at least of this season) how great it was and how it affected me. It may contain spoilers, nothing major, but still read at your own risk.

This season had a slow start, in my opinion the first episode was the weaker of the three, still a great episode, maybe just not up to the standards I was used to with Sherlock. What I’m trying to say is that the episode took a while to get me gripped but when it did wow…

The 2nd episode was magnificent but let’s get right into it, the 3rd one… How to even begin? This episode turned Sherlock into a suspense, sweat inducing, almost tear-dropper amazingness.

The whole episode had me gripped to the screen, it was extremely engaging, nerve wrecking, clever writing and so but so good. It was like everything coming in full circle, exploring Sherlock relationships with everyone, John, Mycroft, his family, Molly, the woman *wink wink* – the main reason I want this show to return is to see Sherlock relationship with Irene Adler develop.

One thing I loved about this episode was the feeling no one was safe. In various times some of our favourites were in life threatening situations and I legit thought they could and possibly would die. It wasn’t like in some shows or movies when that situation comes you think “oh no way they gonna kill that character, that’s impossible” and you watch safely as the character gets himself out of whichever situation. But on this episode I feared for the life of everyone, including Sherlock.

Who else wasn’t surprised about the Redbeard reveal… it wasn’t just me, right? Like midway through the episode or 3/4 through it, I said to my brother: Redbeard is not a dog is the 4th brother… Now that turned out not to be true but I wasn’t that far from it. I think this has been done before and I can’t remember where, not sure if it was an original Sir Conan Doyle story that I’ve read or just the similar plot in another tv show or movie… Either way I was already expecting it. Not to say it took the surprise element out of it, the episode was full of surprises from beginning to end and I could not look away.

Sherlock is a great show and once again it surprised me and made me realise why I love this show so much and why I don’t mind and in fact appreciate that it takes so long between seasons. Oh almost forgot Benedict acting is A+, just fantastic.

Can you believe this show started 7 years ago?


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