Beauty surprises


This year was great for realising things about my approach to beauty and  make-up. I realized I have too much make up for someone who only wears make-up a day out of a week (if that much). I do really like make-up, and I like how I look with it, but on most days I don’t see the need, nor want to to put it on.

That being said I still found some products that surprise me this year (mostly skincare):

Caudalie moisturising mask – This mask is amazing, granted I never had tried a moisturising mask before but this one feels so refreshing when I put it on. I usually use it overnight, when I wash my face in the mooring it feels so plumped. I love it. It is specially good after a long hot shower.

Garnier Micellar Oil-Infused Cleanser – I’ve tried a few micellar waters, Lâncome and Bioderma, and apart from the the Lâncome one (which from what I remember removed mascara like no other) I haven’t been much of a fan. Then I moved onto the famous Clarins eye make-up remover and somehow it didn’t fully satisfy me for the price. And then came the wonder Garnier Micelllar Oil Cleanser. I love it, it is amazing for removing eye make-up. And best of all it is inexpensive compared to the previous ones.

Nivea aquasensation cream – Now this isn’t the best day cream I’ve tried, but I was happily surprised by how well it performed being only around 5€. My skin is normal to dry and in the winter I need all the help, my trusted vichy aqualia thermal cream was running out and at the time I didn’t had the money to buy a new one. This works perfectly in the morning, it’s fresh, my skin feels hydrated and plump, and that’s all that matters. At night I use hevier-duty stuff, but I will definately look into other Nivea creams.

L’oreal Le blush (candy cane pink) – I have never been a fan of blush, I have redness on my face that I try to cover up any chance I have, so the though of putting something red/pink on my face always was a big no-no. One winter while watch a Lisa Eldridge video about dark lipsticks I was convinced to buy a blush for winter. I was happily surprised how good it made me look (let’s face it, I looked alive). In April in a trip to Rome I bought this l’oreal blush since I was looking forward for more of a spring shade and I love the colour. It’s pink with a slightly gold eradesent to it (the camera didn’t pick it at all), it’s not glitter, it just glows a bit in the sun. It’s lovely.



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