About resolutions and how to keep them

It’s simple don’t do them.

That’s it, end of the blog post…. well it could be, but no. In all seriousness I don’t do new year’s resolutions because I don’t like them. It’s not because I don’t think I won’t stick to them or it’s a stupid thing, it’s just because I believe we all should do them through out the year and not on new years.

Let me see if I can explain myself, doing resolutions on new years is putting a lot of pressure on an already stressful month. I find it a lot harder to stick to resolutions or life goals if you do them at the beginning of the year with the thought of sticking to them the whole year.

If we strive to improve ourselves throughout the year and do little resolutions or goals at random times, I personally, find it a lot easier to stick to them. The pressure is off and whenever I see a flaw in my day to day life that I want to fix I work towards it progressively. If I stop doing what I was suppose to do, I don’t think “well that’s it, I’m no longer doing that resolution”, I continue to work towards it, even if I fail multiple times. If we continue to try our best to improve it, it doesn’t matter when we do or how many times we fail, as long as we don’t quit.


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