Things I need to start doing

  • take my make up off as soon as I get home – my usual time to go to bed is 1am so in the days I wear make-up I have it on my face for way longer than I want it to be, while I could have my skincare benefiting my skin. Also having your make up on your face until you go to bed only means that when it comes to take it off you’re too tired and most likely won’t do a thorough job as you should.
  • stop neglecting my neck – I always forget to cleanse it!!! when it comes to moisturiser I often remember, but then I didn’t clean it so I end up using cleansing water – which isn’t as good… I need to start taking good care of my neck, it’s one of the first things to show signs of ageing.
  • start wearing eye-cream everyday – not just when I remember and I also need to start using anti-ageing eye creams.
  • implement the no screen rule – stop using any screen device (tv, laptop, smartphone) one hour before going to bed. I love to sleep, the more time I can spend in my bed the better, but I also like getting up early and get a great start to the day. Therefore the no screen rule to see if I can get more sleep and gradually go to bed early.
  • stop browsing clothing stores websites – I’ve been gradually buying less clothes for the last year and a half. Lately I switched my winter clothes in my wardrobe for the spring/summer ones and realized I have way more clothes than I though I did – and also I have way more summer clothes than winter ones (pros of living for 5 years in a town where summer lasts for 7 months). I have more than enough clothes, but my problem is consumerism, I hate it, but it’s so hard to avoid the temptation. I spent way more time on zara’s website than I’d care to admit, that needs to stop.
  • just get out there and take more photos

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