Favourite youtube beauty channels

I started watching beauty “gurus” on youtube before my interest for beauty started, in fact it started from watching all these amazing girls make it look so interesting and fun. Even though that now I don’t follow most of the youtubers I did back then, here are my favourite channels:

  • Claire Marshal – She has an amazing and different channel, her editing skills are famous in the beauty community and her style plus personality make you wish you were as cool as her.
  • Estée Lalonde – Beautiful beautiful Estée. I love her, love her personality, love her vlogging videos, her dog named Reggie, and the way she does her make up is what I strive to do, very beautiful and minimal.
  • Lily Pebbles – Lovely girl, I love how her channel is changing and she keeps doing stuff outside of the “same old beauty vlogger rut”, her style is also very similar to mine, I just love watching everything she does.
  • Samantha Maria – She’s the I follow the longest from this list, I’ve seen her channel grow and change as well as her, and I’m so happy for all the things she achieved in her life. She also does amazing fashion videos and she just got engaged, so go congratulate her and her boyfriend Jason.
  • Tati – The one to follow if you want to an honest review about a product. She reviews a lot of products and I love it. Even though I don’t buy make up often, except for lipsticks (more on that coming up), I love her videos so I know which products are worth spending my money on.
  • Lisa Eldridge – Everyone must know her, but in case you don’t, she’s a an amazing talented make-up artists and somehow in her busy life makes time to do youtube videos to teach us the art of painting our faces. Amazingly down to earth.

Honourable mention goes to Raquel Mendes, a fellow Portuguese blogger I’ve been following for a long time and recently started doing youtube videos.

I follow quite a few more beauty channels than these girls but these are the ones I practically jump when I see her video on my inbox. Anyone else I should be following? Tell me what are your favourite channels so I can find more amazing people!


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