Next week is Eurovision week. Wohoo!!! I’ve been watching eurovision since I can remember, and a fan since probably Dima Bilan. I don’t know if I was a fan before but it is the first performance I remember loving. Just in time for the festivities here it is SOME of my favourite songs throughout the years. If you’re not a fan of eurovision, give a listen to one or two songs and who knows you might like it.

DISCLAIMER: I’ll try as much as I can not to include the winners. I will not include Verka Serduchka since it is a classic and everyone and their mothers knows about it. (Basically I’m doing all I can to keep this list short)

And the best song of them all

So tell me, do you like eurovision? What are your favourites from the past years?


Recent Youtube finds

Recently I have been getting tired of the same old videos everyone was making and realized I was getting a lot influenced/wanting to buy make-up just because I watched these youtube videos. Not saying it is bad to watch beauty gurus (I know no one calls them that now, but I’m old school), they taught me a lot, but like everything in life it must be done with moderation.

After going through my susbcriptions and unsubscribing from channel I no longer watched or were creating content I wasn’t happy with; I found myself in the need of more channels to watch.

So here are a few channels I found that need way more subscribers than they have:

  • Hannah Witton – I think I found her through Lucy Moon, she does amazing videos, about lifestyle, sex, feminism, and all the things associated with that.
  • Jacqueline Lovene – I don’t quite remember how I found out about her but I’m extremelly glad I did. She is a beauty youtuber with a smaller following that manly does videos about declutering make-up and getting around to use what you have.
  • Kimberly Clark – Is a drag queen that I found through Anna (The Anna Edit) and watched her Anti-Hauls, if you are into make-up and haven’t seen Kimberly Clark’s anti-hauls, you need to. She also speaks up about important matters like consumerism, identity, feminism, and of course the fun make-up video every once in a while.


If you have any recommendations within these categories please let me know.

H&M beauty haul and review

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I bought these items a few months ago and have been trying them out, here’s what I think of them:

Cream lip colour “in a nutshell” – this colour is probably the best nude I’ll find to my lip colour. It is very similar to my lips just a tad browner. I wanted to try the brown lipstick trend and I’m glad I chose such a natural colour, I love it. If you ever wanted to venture into the brown nude lipsticks I’d recommend H&M lipsticks. They have a quite a few shades that will suit a lot of different people, and it’s a easy place to start instead of diving into the liquid lipsticks first.

Processed with VSCO Processed with VSCO

Superfine Browliner in the colour espresso brown– this is the first eyebrow product I tried, so I don’t have anything to compare it with. My brows are very full, I just need “coverage” to define the shape better. The colour seems to be good, maybe a bit too warm but it works fine. I still need an eyebrow gel, any recommendations?

Nail polish in Space Jam and Scarab – h&m nail polish have an amazing formulation, apply like a dream and dry very fast as well. Space Jam is a beautiful duo-chrome small glitter that goes from pink to gold; Scarab is a dark green with a bit of sheen.

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Let’s talk about BBC Sherlock last episode (at least of this season) how great it was and how it affected me. It may contain spoilers, nothing major, but still read at your own risk.

This season had a slow start, in my opinion the first episode was the weaker of the three, still a great episode, maybe just not up to the standards I was used to with Sherlock. What I’m trying to say is that the episode took a while to get me gripped but when it did wow…

The 2nd episode was magnificent but let’s get right into it, the 3rd one… How to even begin? This episode turned Sherlock into a suspense, sweat inducing, almost tear-dropper amazingness.

The whole episode had me gripped to the screen, it was extremely engaging, nerve wrecking, clever writing and so but so good. It was like everything coming in full circle, exploring Sherlock relationships with everyone, John, Mycroft, his family, Molly, the woman *wink wink* – the main reason I want this show to return is to see Sherlock relationship with Irene Adler develop.

One thing I loved about this episode was the feeling no one was safe. In various times some of our favourites were in life threatening situations and I legit thought they could and possibly would die. It wasn’t like in some shows or movies when that situation comes you think “oh no way they gonna kill that character, that’s impossible” and you watch safely as the character gets himself out of whichever situation. But on this episode I feared for the life of everyone, including Sherlock.

Who else wasn’t surprised about the Redbeard reveal… it wasn’t just me, right? Like midway through the episode or 3/4 through it, I said to my brother: Redbeard is not a dog is the 4th brother… Now that turned out not to be true but I wasn’t that far from it. I think this has been done before and I can’t remember where, not sure if it was an original Sir Conan Doyle story that I’ve read or just the similar plot in another tv show or movie… Either way I was already expecting it. Not to say it took the surprise element out of it, the episode was full of surprises from beginning to end and I could not look away.

Sherlock is a great show and once again it surprised me and made me realise why I love this show so much and why I don’t mind and in fact appreciate that it takes so long between seasons. Oh almost forgot Benedict acting is A+, just fantastic.

Can you believe this show started 7 years ago?

Beauty surprises


This year was great for realising things about my approach to beauty and  make-up. I realized I have too much make up for someone who only wears make-up a day out of a week (if that much). I do really like make-up, and I like how I look with it, but on most days I don’t see the need, nor want to to put it on.

That being said I still found some products that surprise me this year (mostly skincare):

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About resolutions and how to keep them

It’s simple don’t do them.

That’s it, end of the blog post…. well it could be, but no. In all seriousness I don’t do new year’s resolutions because I don’t like them. It’s not because I don’t think I won’t stick to them or it’s a stupid thing, it’s just because I believe we all should do them through out the year and not on new years.

Let me see if I can explain myself, doing resolutions on new years is putting a lot of pressure on an already stressful month. I find it a lot harder to stick to resolutions or life goals if you do them at the beginning of the year with the thought of sticking to them the whole year.

If we strive to improve ourselves throughout the year and do little resolutions or goals at random times, I personally, find it a lot easier to stick to them. The pressure is off and whenever I see a flaw in my day to day life that I want to fix I work towards it progressively. If I stop doing what I was suppose to do, I don’t think “well that’s it, I’m no longer doing that resolution”, I continue to work towards it, even if I fail multiple times. If we continue to try our best to improve it, it doesn’t matter when we do or how many times we fail, as long as we don’t quit.

Let’s catch-up

Good thing the title of this blog is minimalist beauty blog because that way I can say that not blogging for 8 months was all part of the aesthetic.

In all seriousness I just got scared of it to be honest, every time I thought about this blog I didn’t knew what to write and I wanted to post about something meaningful enough it was worth someone’s time, and ended up never doing it.

As an update on my last post I can say I started doing 4 of the 6 things, I still need to get better at just taking my camera out with me whenever I go out. As for the no-screen rule, well…. it is 1:40 am as I’m writing this, so you can guess that answer. All the other ones I actually did a good job and stuck to them on a regular basis.

As for this blog, I have plans for it. It will be miscellaneous, a lot about movies and tv shows, life stuff, random posts, and sometimes even beauty (?), we’ll see what I prefer writing about, because at the end of the day, that’s all it comes down to.

Wishing you all a good day, and since it’s that time of the year: Merry Christmas!!